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Reliability   Safety  Capacity


-LSW-SPRT = Sunspec Transmitter   
-LSW-RSS = Tigo transmitter   
-SW = No Transmitter   

Ordering guidelines: Determine the basic model from above and add your desired features as described   
Ex: Solis-50K-US-F-LSW-SPRT, (inverter internal Sunspec transmitter)   

The Solis-(50-66)K three phase series string inverters are suitable for commercial and light industrial PV plants. These units have a compact and lightweight design making them an easy two-person installation. The ultra-low THDi of ˂2% and filter features add multiple layers of protection for the grid.  Solis 50-66K inverters can be parallel-connected up to 6 MW. For easy installation and O&M, these units have a separable wiring box allowing the EPC to install the wiring box ahead of time and add the inverter at a later time. To finish it off these units have multiple options of communications with free Solis APPs and PC monitoring on SolisCloud.

50-66kW Three Phase Inverter

Leading Features

  • Wide voltage range and low startup voltage
  • 10 years standard warranty with extension options
  • Transformer-less three phase design with 480Vac output
  • Web-based data monitoring with downloadable Solis Mobile App
  • Max. efficiency 98.8% (CEC efficiency 98.4%) with ultra-low start up voltage
  • Compact and lightweight design inside a corrosion-resistant NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Designed for all commercial, industrial, and utility-scale applications
  • Industry-leading 4 MPPT designs with fast (<5 sec.) MPPT response times
  • RS-485 Modbus communication protocol with Wi-Fi interface

Technical Specifications

DC Values

  • Rated voltage
    720 V
  • Start-up voltage
    200 V
  • MPPT voltage range
    200-850 V
  • Max. input current
    4*28.5 A
  • Max. short circuit current
    4*55 A
  • MPPT number
  • Max. input strings number

AC Values

  • Max. apparent output power
    50 kVA
  • Max. output power
    50 kW
  • Rated grid voltage
    3Ф/PE, 480 V
  • Rated grid frequency
    60 Hz
  • Max. output current
    60.2 A
  • Power factor
    >0.99 (0.8 leading - 0.8 lagging)
  • THDi


  • CEC efficiency


  • Ground fault monitoring
  • Anti-islanding protection
  • Integrated AFCI (DC arc-fault circuit protection)
  • Integrated DC switch
  • Rapid shutdown

General Data

  • Weight (Inverter/Wiring box)
    SW: 147 lbs (66.7 kgs)/35.4 lbs (16 kgs), LSW: 147 lbs (66.7 kgs)/43.4 lbs (19.7 kgs)
  • Topology
  • Self consumption (night)
  • Relative humidity
  • Operating ambient temperature range
    -13°F to 140°F (-25°C to 60°C )
  • Storage environment
    -13°F to 176°F (-25°C to 80°C)
  • Ingress protection
    TYPE 4X
  • Cooling concept
    Intelligent redundant fan-cooling
  • Max. operation altitude
    13120ft (4000m)
  • Compliance
    UL 1741, IEEE 1547, UL 1699B, UL 1998, FCC, UL 1741SA, California Rule 21, SRD-UL1741, CAN/CSA C22.2 107.1-1


  • AC connection
    4 knockout for 2" conduit at bottom and side, OT terminal (Copper or aluminum 8-2AWG) Aluminum requires bi-metallic compatible terminal
  • Display
    7.0"LCD color screen display
  • Communication
    Modbus RTU (Sunspec compliant), RS485, Optional: Cellular, Wi-Fi
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