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S6-EH3P(8-15)K-L series three-phase hybrid inverter is suitable for large residential PV energy storage systems with low battery voltage (48V). The products are compatible with high power PV panels, and suitable for a variety of brands' lithium and lead-acid batteries. In addition, the product has a wealth of features, including compatible generators, UPS level switching, grid-tied PV system coupling networking, supporting three-phase unbalanced load and half-wave load, etc. Helps households easily achieve zero carbon energy needs.

Three Phase Low Voltage Energy Storage Inverter

Leading Features

  • Supports Max 6 pcs in parallel

  • 6 customisable charge/discharge time settings

  • Built-in Backup Port with Automatic UPS switching

  • String current up to 20A, perfectly match large current modules

  • Supports peak shaving control in both "self-use" and "generator" mode

  • Supports Unbalanced and Half-Wave Loads on both the Grid and Backup Port

  • Intelligent AC coupling scheme, easily upgrade existing grid-connected systems

  • Generator connectivity with multiple input methods and automatic generator On/Off control

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