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250K-M12 / 300K-M12 / 350K-M12 / 350K-M16

Solis' largest three-phase, 1500 VDC PV string inverter has 12 MPPT (250, 300 and 350) or 16 independent MPPTs (350K) options that allow for great redundancy in larger systems. Redundancy through a distributed method supports overall system uptime. With our high current rated DC inputs, systems can realize full capacity as well of their PV modules. Our system supports ease of installation with MC4 connectors, while maintenance is streamlined with SolisCloud and advanced, remote monitoring. Our fuse-free design supports long-term reliability, further enhancing the overall return on investment for large systems.

Three Phase Grid-Tied Inverter

Leading Features

  • Anti PID option when negative PV grounding is required.
  • Reduces points of failure with fuse-free design.
  • Warranty extensions are available for up to 20 years.
  • Multiple options, voltages and compatibility across the portfolio.
  • Easily repower aging systems with wide input and output voltage ranges.
  • Optional Skid Solution and AC combiner systems for ease in implementation.
  • MC4 pigtails to further simplify installations and eliminate the need for combiner boxes.
  • Power Line Communication (PLC) supported which reduces the need for communications cables.
  • Advanced sting monitoring and remote firmware updates for easier operations and maintenance.
  • String topology and MPPTs support modularity and redundancy for long-term system performance.
  • Wide tracking range 570-1500VDC and low start-up voltage for more flexibility and better performance.
  • Supports “Y” connectors which improve conductor utilization within the array and eliminates combiner box inputs for more cost-effective systems.
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