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S6-GC30K-LV-US inverter products are suitable for three-phase commercial rooftop PV projects with grid voltage of 208VAC. The PV string current of the inverter is up to 20A, which can be adapted to almost all types of PV modules in the market. The product has a very wide full power operating voltage range and can bring more benefits. Simple and easy to use online O&M tools make O&M more intelligent and convenient. Optimized DC and AC connect ports will reduce the cost of system cabe. And with Type 4X and C5 corrosion protection grades, the product can be installed in the harshest environmental conditions for stable operation.

Ordering: S6-GC30K-LV-US
For more information, including ordering any of our integrated rapid shutdown, optimizer and meter options, please see the datasheet and the compatibility list for reference.

30K-LV Three Phase Inverter

Leading Features

  • String current up to 20A

  • > 1.5 DC/AC ratio

  • Type 4X, C5 Anti-Corrosion Level

  • Intelligent redundant fan-cooling

  • Max. efficiency 97.7% (CEC efficiency 97.0%)

  • Wide voltage range and low startup voltage

  • Supports RS485, Ethernet, WiFi, Cellular

  • AFCI protection, proactively reduces fire risk

  • Intelligent string monitoring, smart I-V curve scan

  • Integrated module level rapid shutdown transmitter

  • 3 MPPT design, supports multiple orientation system design

  • High quality components from globally recognized suppliers

  • Supports high power modules for lower installation costs

  • Scan to register on SolisCloud, supports remote upgrade and control

  • Night time PID recovery function, increases overall system yield (optional)

  • Equipped with external power control interface, supporting zero output power control

Installation video

Installation video

Solis_certificate_C22.2&UL 1741(SA)(SB)&UL 1699B&IEEE 1547-2003(-2018)&UL 1998&IEEE 2030.5&SRD 2.0_S6-GC(25-60)K-US&S6-GC30K-LV-US_V01
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