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220V: 50K-LV/60K-LV

S5-GC(50-60)K-LV is a new generation of 220V three-phase products. It is one of the most powerful three-phase low-voltage string inverters in the world. Specially designed to provide low LCOE solutions for large-scale low voltage grid-connected PV projects, suitable for commercial rooftop and utility projects. It has many excellent features, including 6 MPPT design, compatible with high-power and bifacial photovoltaic modules; 170% DC/AC super ratio; support for remote and local intelligent I-V scanning functions, etc. It is the first choice for commercial 220V three-phase projects

Three Phase Grid-Tied Inverter

Leading Features

  • 6/8 MPPTs, max. efficiency 98.5%
  • > 170% DC/AC ratio
  • Night SVG function
  •   DC side supports "Y" connector
  • High power tracking density 130MPPT/MW
  • Power line communication (PLC) (optional)
  • Remote firmware upgrade with simple operation
  • AFCI protection, proactively reduces fire risk
  • Intelligent string monitoring, smart I-V curve scan
  • Globally recognised branded componentry for longer life
  • Built-in PID recovery for better module performance (optional)
  • String current up to 16A, perfectly match large current bifacial modules
  • Overvoltage load reduction and leakage current suppression technology, low failure rate
Solis CE declaration_S5-GC(75-125)K_S5-GC(50-60)K-LV_Solis-(50-60)K-LV-5G_Solis-(75-125)K-5G
Solis_certificate_IEC_61000-6-1(2,3,4)_EN_61000-6-1(2,3,4)_EN_55011_CISPR 11_(50-60)K-LV-5G_(50-125)K-5G(-AU-SA)_GC(50-60)K-LV_GC(75-125)K-5G(-AU-SA)_CE(EMC)_V01
Solis_certificate_IEC 62109-1(-2)&EN 62109-1(2)_S5-GC(50-60)K-LV&S5-GC(75-110)K&S5-GC(100-125)K(-AU,-SA)_Safety_V03(Tuv mark)
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