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For 1500 V string inverter Solis 255K and 350K

Solis-6300-MW is a 20ft standard container-based turnkey solution with all necessary parts integrated inside, including an MV oil-immersed transformer, MV gas-insulated switchgear, all necessary LV protections, etc., to meet utility-scale PV project needs. The pre-assembly design can greatly shorten the construction period and save construction costs.


Leading Features

  • Mainstream 6.3MW subarray, widely used globally

  • 20 foot standard container delivery, easy to transport

  • A complete solution, from inverter to main step-up transformer

  • When the container is lifted to the foundation, only LV and MV cables need to be connected

  • LV panel, transformer and RMU to be placed independently

  • Adopt international first-line brand equipment with reliable quality

  • Full frontal maintenance design

  • Modular design of MV equipment, easy to replace
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