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4 Pin / USB

S1-W4G-ST data stick is a brand new one of a kind datalogger. This datalogger uses cellular technology to connect to Soliscloud. Not only does it have that, but you can also connect with WIFI. On top of that, the customer can use it as a WIFI stick during normal operations and when the WIFI goes down the datalogger will automatically switch to cellular. This will give you and your customers a seamless connection and a peace of mind

Solis Wi-Fi & Cellular Data Logger

Leading Features

  • NEMA 4X outdoor rated

  • 2-year warranty included

  • LED status indicator lights

  • Quick, easy, and safe to install

  • Allows for remote firmware updates

  • 5-year and 10-year data plan options

  • Works with all Solis inverter models

  • Supports up to ten (10) inverters per logger

  • Relays system fault alarms to the Solis monitoring portal

  • Automatically switches over to cellular when the Wi-Fi fails

  • Comes with both Wi-Fi and 4G cellular communication options

  • Provides detailed system information for remote troubleshooting

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