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The S6 (Series 6) hybrid energy storage string inverter is the latest Solis US model certified to IEEE 1547-2018, UL 1741 SA & SB, and SunSpec Modbus, providing economical zero-carbon power from an all-weather (Type 4X / IP 66) high-efficiency PV string inverter. This hybrid inverter can be DC-coupled to a variety of batteries, enabling a versatile off or on-grid solution. The S6 hybrid is a grid-forming inverter that supports the latest high-powered PV modules with 16A DC inputs at each MPPT. Safeguard your power, while ensuring the ability to easily grow your solution and preserve your investment.

Ordering: S6-EH1P(3.8-11.4)K-H-US
For more information, including ordering any of our integrated rapid shutdown, optimizer and meter options, please see the datasheet and the compatibility list for reference.

Solis Residential High Voltage Energy Storage Inverter

Leading Features

  • UL 1741 SA/SB and UL 9540 certified
  • Backup transfer (switch) time is < 10ms
  • Maximum PV input current up to 16A per string
  • California Rule 21 and HECO Rule 14H compliant
  • DC to DC battery charging for optimal use of PV-generated energy
  • Generates native 120/240V back-up power without an external autotransformer
  • Able to supply a wide range of continuous back-up power in the event of a grid outage
  • Generates up to 50A/114kW of continuous back-up power with up to 76A for ten seconds
  • Compatible with multiple battery brands, providing up to 150 kWh of storage capacity per inverter
  • External RSD, emergency power off switch, and MLPE options are also available in order to customize your solution
  • SolisCloud allows for remote system troubleshooting,firmware upgrading, and configuration, reducing O&M costs
  • NEC 2020 compliant with various integrated RSD transmitter options are available for module-level rapid shutdown
  • Supports operation in parallel with a generator and allows the generator to function as the grid source if utility power is lost
  • Optional integrated revenue-grade meter and external energy meter for production & consumption monitoring and export power control
  • For off-grid back-up power, parallel up to 6 inverters for scale and flexibility. For grid-tied capabilities, an infinite number of inverters can be paralleled to maximize grid-tied output
Solis S6 Hybrid Battery UL 9540 Battery and RSD Compatibility List Jul 18 2024
Solis_certificate_C22.2&UL 1741(SA)(SB)&UL 1699B&IEEE 1547-2003(-2018)&UL_1998&IEEE_2030.5&SRD_2.0_S6-EH1P(3.8-11.4)K-H-US_US_V02
Solis_certificate_UL 9540_S6-EH1P(3.8-11.4)K-ESS-RESU10H(-16H)_US_V02
S6-EH1P(3.8-11.4)K-H-US Installation Video
Solis S6 Hybrid Neutrals_Service Bulletin_10.23.23
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