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S5-GC(75-100)K-US is the preferred PV string inverter for large commercial rooftop or ground mount PV projects.  The inverter features 10 independent MPPTs with very wide full-power operating ranges that can work efficiently with both 600Vdc and 1000 Vdc PV arrays. String current up to 16A, perfectly accommodates new high-power and bi-facial PV modules. Easy-to-use online O&M tools make O&M more intelligent and convenient. Optimized DC&AC interconnection will reduce the cost of system cables.  Enclosures rated to IP66 protection grade can be installed in the harshest environmental conditions.

Ordering: S5-GC(75-100)K-US
For more information, including ordering any of our integrated rapid shutdown, optimizer and meter options, please see the datasheet and the compatibility list for reference.

75-100kW Three Phase Inverter

Leading Features

  • > 1.5 DC/AC ratio

  • UL 1741 SA and SB

  • DC side supports "Y" connector

  • Type 4X, C5 Anti-Corrosion Level

  • External signal control function

  • AFCI protection, proactively reduces fire risk

  • String current up to 16A for higher capacity modules

  • Intelligent string monitoring, smart I-V curve scan

  • 8/9/10 MPPTs, max. efficiency 98.8% (CEC efficiency 98.3%)

  • High quality components from globally recognized suppliers

  • Integrated nighttime PID recovery for optimal module performance

  • Remote firmware upgrade with simple operation(Requires the user to use Solis monitoring)

Compatibility Sheet S5-GC(75-100)K-US PE-CP-00002-R01
Solis_certificate_UL 1741&IEEE 1547(-2003)(-2018)&UL 1741SA&UL 1741SB&UL 1699B&C22.2&UL 1998_(75-100)K-5G-US&S5-GC(75-100)K-US_US_V01
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