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Solis Hub-200A-US

SolisHub is the Microgrid Interconnect Device (MID) for the PV, batteries, generator, grid, and home loads. SolisHub makes whole-home backup possible by allowing the integration of multiple inverters for greater PV power output and battery storage capacity. During grid outages, SolisHub automatically islands the home from the grid, allowing the Solis energy storage system to supply full power to the entire home. It also provides generator integration, allowing for automatic whole-home backup when available PV and battery power are not sufficient to support all of the home loads. SolisHub communicates directly with Solis inverters and the battery system, allowing the homeowner to monitor and manage energy use and backup power through the SolisCloud.

Solis Hub Microgrid Interconnect Device (MID)

Leading Features

  • Up to 45.6kW for Whole-home backup, generator integration

  • Allows up to 200 A of continuous backup power to the home

  • Manual bypass switch for protection of the home loads

  • Load shedding function with remote control of loads when the grid is down

  • Integrated autotransfer and manual disconnect switches for lower system cost

  • Accepts standard circuit breakers making it easy to install and eliminates the need to upgrade the main service panel

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